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A scalable industrial product

Hydrologic can provide EPC services for Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). We can design, supply, install, commission and maintain assets that provide a reliable and sustainable source of pure water whatever your application. Ask us to propose a solution.

A solution to your industrial application needs

Talk to hydrologic about building a customised solution for you.


110lt Internal Water Tank
250lt/Day Maximum Production

Price: 35,298.06 AED Excl. 5% VAT.

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240lt Internal Water Tank
500lt/Day Maximum Production

Price: 63,809.14 AED Excl. 5% VAT.

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980lt Internal Water Tank
1,000lt/Day Maximum Production

Price: 180,949.35 AED Excl. 5% VAT.

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1,200lt Internal Water Tank
3,000lt/Day Maximum Production

Price: 371,848.99 AED Excl. 5% VAT.

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1,800lt Internal Water Tank
5,000lt/Day Maximum Production

Price: 562,748.63 AED Excl. 5% VAT.

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