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Hydrologic is not only the exclusive service provider to Mayee water. We also a full product line of industrial Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) for clients seeking sustainable solutions where water is scarce and humidity is abundant. 

Convenient for you

No bottle delivery, No bottle exchange, No cash or coupons, just one 4-in-1 appliance providing pure fresh drinking water and purified air, particle and pathogen free.

Sustainable supply

Using the planets largest source of fresh water - the clouds - to produce pure fresh drinking water, chemical and preservative free.

Innovative technology

Eliminate bottled water altogether and produce pure water and air with one appliance and one Mayee subscription.

Good for your health

No chemicals, no preservatives, no BPA or microplastics. Just pure fresh drinking water and purified particle and pathogen free air. 

More than 25 reasons why you need a Mayee subscription, see our Features & Benefits below.

We Offer You The
Future of Water

#DrinkBetter, with Mayee water. 

Hydrologic is the exclusive service provider to Mayee. There are so many reasons to #DrinkBetter water for the sake of your health and the planet.

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Mayee Water - a plan for Everyone

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AED 6.50

Home Subscription

  • AED 6.50 per day, billed monthly AED 195
  • Available from Mayee, delivered, Installed and serviced by Hydrologic
  • We don't limit usage
  • Typical water production 1 litre per hour
  • 19 litre storage tank
I want one now

AED 7,200


  • Purchase price 7,200 AED inc VAT
  • Bi-Annual service fee 510 AED
  • Owned by you, serviced by Hydrologic
  • We don't limit usage
  • Typical water production 1 litre per hour
  • 19 litre storage tank
Data sheet

AED 8.00

Office Subscription

  • AED 8.00 per day, billed monthly AED 240
  • Available from Mayee, delivered, Installed and serviced by Hydrologic
  • We don't limit usage
  • Typical water production 1 litre per hour
  • 19 litre storage tank
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Indoor UAE Specification

Designed to meet the demands of the Emirates climate, we have been delivering this specification unit across the UAE since 2016 and have several hundred in operation.

Data sheet

Indoor Export Specification

Supplied across the Middle East and Africa including Bahrain, Seychelles, Maldives and Malta, our export specification unit is designed for fewer service intervals. 

Data sheet

8 Layers of protection _ _ _

5 Water Filters 

Including Ultrafiltration, Carbon and Mineralisation which produces pure Ph 7 Alkaline water. 

OZone & UV Sterilization 

Water is sterilized by duel process of Ultraviolet light and O3 gas.

HEPA Carbon Air Filter

Removing airborne particles and pathogens, and purifying the air in your home or office.

Rental FAQ
Purchase FAQ
General FAQ
Rental FAQ

​Frequently Asked Questions - Mayee Subscription

What is the minimum subscription term length?

Month-2-Month payment - No contract

We've made mineralized alkaline water as convenient for you as possible. With no minimum contract period, if you're not satisfied you can return your water maker for free. Subscribe online here.

Is there any deposit required?

At the moment - No deposit

We want everyone to be able to have access to healthy, convenient and sustainable water, so unlike 5 gallon water bottles we don't ask for a deposit. 

What if I want to return my atmospheric water generator?

No problem, we will even collect it for free

Leaving the country, want to switch, no problem. You can return for free, no penalties. 

How do I pay?

Automatic monthly credit card payment

Once you have signed up, you never have to worry about having the correct change on the day of delivery. Nor is there any coupon books to purchase before you have consumed any water. Your subscription is billed monthly to your credit card monthly, just like Netflix. 

What does unlimited water mean?

We don't limit your usage

Your atmospheric water generator produces on average 1 Liter of water per hour. Yes, that's 24 Liters in a day for only 6.50AED per day. The quantity of water produced is proportional to the humidity, so there will be days when the unit produces both more and less water, but that's ok, as there is a 19 Liter inbuilt storage tank. 

Purchase FAQ

​Frequently Asked Questions - AWG Ownership

General FAQ

​Frequently Asked Questions - General 

​"Discover the Features and Benefits of such an amazing innovation that allow me to live more healthily and sustainably"

FeatureBenefitBenefit behind the benefit
HEPA grade carbon air filterpurifying the air in your homeremoves airborne particles and pathogens
UV & Ozone sterilisationproviding pure fresh drinking waterzero bacteria or viruses
5 stage water filtrationmaking mineralised alkaline waterperfectly balanced water
PH 7 waterBalanced healthily waterhelps prevent and reduce free radicals
Zero Sodiumwater without preservativesis better for your body
No Chemicals or Preservativesfresh food is better than processed foodit applies to water too
Harvest water from the airdehumidifies the air in your homeprevents mould and spoors growth 
Water dispenser and chillerproviding a plentiful water supplyenergy saving
Eliminate plasticbetter for your healthbetter for the environment
19 Litter inbuilt water tanknever have to lift a water bottle againless effort
Automatic water productionenergy savingproduces water only when required
Algorithm based Automatic water circulationmineralising and sterilising the water maintaining the highest quality water
No water deliveryno missed water deliverynever run out of water
No cashyou never need the exact changetouchless payment
No couponsdon't pay for coupons upfront before you need the waterno lost or waisted coupons
No heavy liftingnever change a water bottle againmore convenient
No BPA or Micro Plasticsbetter for your healthreduce health concerns
Credit card paymentautomatic paymentconvenient for you
No depositwe don't take your money for plastic bottlesyou have more cash
Month 2 month paymentno contractyou can cancel any time
Zero waster watera more efficient water sourceprotects the ocean ecosystem
Sustainable water sourcethe atmosphere is the largest source of freshwater on the planetprotects groundwater sources 
Bottle freeno disposal or recycling requiredless plastic in the ocean and landfill 
Energy efficient appliancebuilt in algorithm controlled water production saves you electricity
Reduction of Co2 emissionsLess desalination, factory bottling and distribution by diesel vanreduces global warming