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    Drinking water is an essential resource for life as we know it.

    With Climate change, water scarcity and population growth, drinking water is forecast to reach critical supply shortages sooner than predicted.

    However there is an economical and sustainable solution to this crisis, buy harvesting moisture from the air.
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Your body is 70% water. Do you want to drink natural fresh water from air, just like rain? Or bottled water that contains, sodium, chloride, fluoride, BPA and microplastics.

Healthy water from Mayee

Atmospheric Water Generator 

AWG Cloud Water Maker, FND model P50CM+ Atmospheric Water Generator, with a 19 Litre inbuilt water tank that is replenished on average in the UAE at a rate of 1 litre per hour. It dispenses mineralized alkaline, pure fresh drinking water at a temperate of 12-16C. Complete with eight layers of protection including a HEPA grade carbon air filter, five water filters, UV and Ozone sterilization. Water with no chemical or preservatives harvested from the air - the most abundant water source on our planet. Energy-efficient algorithm controlled automatic water production with inbuilt air purifier and dehumidifier that removes airborne particles and pathogens.

Data sheet
  • Purchase price 7,200 AED inc VAT
  • Bi-Annual service fee 510 AED
  • Owned by you, serviced by Hydrologic
  • We don't limit usage

One Appliance, One Subscription

Hydrologic is the exclusive service partner of Mayee water. 

Mayee provide Pure fresh drinking water from thin air, by providing you with a 4-in-1 appliance on a monthly subscription. 

Subscribe to Mayee and Hydrologic will service and deliver.

Mayee Water

Live Life Better with pure freshwater from thin air.

We are on a mission to save water, save the environment and save you money. It all starts by ending our use of bottled and home delivered water altogether, and turning to the latest technology that can turn the air around us into a sustainable, healthy and pure source of water. 

Water, the way it should be.

Consciencius  Practice

In the UAE where water is scarce and energy consumption is high, we all need to do our bit to save our environment. This is your chance to make a difference. Using the latest technology, Atmospheric Water Generators act as your own personal cloud system, converting moisture in the air to pathogen, preservative and plastic free water...just as Mother Nature intended.

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