KHDA Approved Touchless Water Dispenser 

News for Educational Establishments

On Monday 5th October 2020 the KHDA announced that touchless water dispensers have now been approved for use in Dubai educational establishments.

Filtered & Bottled water dispensers on the campus are strictly prohibited, by the KHDA, for use, due to the high risk of contracting COVID from a high touchpoint.

We offer TOUCHLESS WATER DISPENSERS, approved for use by the KHDA. If you would like to look at the documentation on the two below buttons.

Touchless water dispensers as the name suggests are 100% touch-free – automatic dispensing, no bottle delivery and no bottle lifting or handling. Furthermore, we offer eight layers of protection against both airborne and waterborne viruses and bacteria. 

Mayee watermakers produce water from humid air which is innovative in itself and when coupled with our circular economy business model you can only say; wow I want one.

Mayee watermakers produce 24 liters of water per day and are priced at 8 AED per day. Yes that’s right 8 AED for 24 Liters. I want to replace your existing water dispensers with touchless cloud watermakers. Approved for use by the KHDA.

We have already delivered 37 machines the NYU Abu Dhabi, several to American University Sharjah and am now in discussion with Hult International Business School.

I'm sure your school values both healthy water consumption and reducing environmental impact. Our innovative PaaS eliminates single-use plastic and utilizes the largest source of sustainable freshwater on the planet – the atmosphere.

Because the cost of a COVID case on campus is so high – full sanitization, closure, disruption, and impact the to student and faculty social and emotional wellbeing. I think you will agree that 8AED each dispenser, per day is a negligible cost to mitigate the risk associated with high touchpoints.

Mayee Water - pure fresh water for Everyone

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White paper for Educational Establishments
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