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Hydrologic established in 2016 is both the importer and distributor of FND Atmospheric Water Generators and the exclusive service partner of Mayee water, an innovative new Product as a Service (PaaS) that provides Mineralised Alkaline Water with Zero chemicals or preservatives, microplastics or BPA. Best of all its made from dehumidified, purified, pathogen and particle free air in your home and it'is available in the UAE.

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We should consume more than 2 litres of water a day. So you should make sure that the water we choose is free of chloride, fluoride, sodium, BPA and micro-plastics. 


After the polar ice caps, the atmosphere is the largest source of freshwater on our planet. Rivers, lakes and underground aquifers make up a very small amount of available freshwater on our planet earth. 


Plastic bottled water may seem convenient to you, but its is devastating to our plant. Technology is creating more convenient water supplies from sustainable sources without plastic. 


In partnership with FND, Hydrologic and Mayee water, we have collaborated to produce a solution that benefits your health, benefits the environment and is more convenient that current drinking water supplies.

Join the club - A Mayee Subscription

Drink pure fresh water from thin air:

by subscribing to a 4-in-1 cloud water maker from Mayee

  • It can produce pure fresh drinking water
  • Cool and dispense mineralized alkaline drinking water
  • Dehumidify the air in your home
  • and provide particle and pathogen free purified air
  • Touchless dispensing now available
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Providing both mineralized alkaline water and purified, pathogen free, fresh dehumidified air in your home.

Innovative Technology

Leading the future in healthy, sustainable and smart water production and consumption with low carbon emissions.


Sourcing water from the most abundant source on the planet - the atmosphere, while cutting CO2 emissions. 

Energy Efficient

Low energy consumption with smart algorithms  that optimize water production.

What our clients say about cloud water makers:

​Our Certifications

FND atmospheric water generators are manufactured in accordance to IEC standards with CE/CB certification and are approved by the U.A.E Federal Authority (ESMA) with ECAS certification. 

Production is in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standards and FND hold Gold Membership status with the WQA for Atmospheric Water Generators. 

In addition to international product patents, the produced drinking water is tested and approved by some of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies, ensuring the water produced exceeds global benchmarks of quality and integrity.

Product Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manuals are available in English and Arabic here:

English O&M
Arabic O&M

Water Quality Association

FND have been awarded Gold membership status with the WQA for their AWG products.

ECAS Certification

Approved annually by the U.A.E Federal Authority (ESMA) with ECAS certification.

CB Certification

IEC 60335-2-24:2010 17th Edition 

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances.

Water Quality Test Report

3rd party independently certified and compliant with standard GSO 149:2010, GSO 149:2014, GSO 149:2000 or EU 98/83/EC- unbottled drinking water for human consumption.

CE Certification

Directive 2014/30/EU 

Directive 2014/35/EU 

Material Safety Data Sheet

Our product MSDS can be downloaded here.

World Health Organization

Meeting the guidelines defined by the WHO for drinking water.

Endurance Tested

For Mayee water our filters are tested to 4,000 Liters, and our impressive results are independently certified by SGS.

2018 3rd Party Test Report
2019 3rd Party Test Report
2020 3rd Party Test Report


There are multiple ways to get your Atmospheric Water generator, here are our partners: